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It could also include asking about how you see your sex life now and in the future and what you both want from intimacy.

You’ve said she prefers reading things, but can you ask her to write out how she feels? (Is this something you could try via your college, for you if not for both of you? She has told you she is not in the mood, but have you asked her why?

That could include positive things about what you are looking forward to, and clarifying what you both are expecting long term.Alongside this you might want to think about your view of relationships. The issues The areas of dissatisfaction you’ve outlined are frequency, variety and intimacy. It’s common in relationships for sex to be less frequent over time, not least if other life events (e.g. If this is the case are there ways to create more opportunities for you to spend time together – not just to have sex but to enjoy each other's company? Does that mean you have limited time together and might that be adding pressure to having sex at set times?We’re encouraged to see ‘great’ sex as ‘frequent’ sex, so our focus on quantity can compromise thinking about quality and diverse pleasurable opportunities.See if you can identify with her what exactly she sees as the problem and how she feels about it.You might have to do this over several conversations or with the help of a therapist if needs be.

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