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In the spots, the comedians talk about everything from fears and odd allergies to potential book titles and relationships.

The ads, at least until the closing shot of a burrito being prepared, feel more like snippets of a show than restaurant ads.

In TV and online videos, comedians Jillian Bell, John Mulaney and Sam Richardson walk into the burrito and enter a luxurious circular living room, complete with a roaring fire and Rory Scovel playing the piano.

In each spot, one comedian chats with the soothing voice of actor Jeffrey Tambor, who tells them to be real because they're "inside a Chipotle burrito where everything is real." "These are great comedians, and I think that's important for us right now, given what the brand's been through.

The "As Real as it Gets" campaign, out Monday, is Chipotle's biggest to date.

Patrons reduced or eliminated their visits to Chipotle starting in late October 2015 amid an outbreak and other food safety concerns.

Adding new menu items, queso in particular, is intended to help Chipotle stave off competition from other chains.“It’s something that all our competitors have done for many years, and we know it’s one of the reasons people choose to go to other Mexican chains,” said Crumpacker.

I’m not entirely sure what this says about my site, but believe it or not one of the top ten most popular posts I ever wrote was about a Chipotle Buy One, Get One Free Coupon.

A banner ad, for example, first tells viewers that it's dinnertime, then suggests they need better ad-blocking software. Crumpacker credited Venables for pulling off the new campaign "in record time." It's an agency he came close to hiring nine years ago. Crumpacker conducted a review when he joined Chipotle in 2009.

Venables was one of three finalists, but Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners won the business back then.

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This year Chipotle aims to reduce its promotional spending -- think buy one, get one free deals or free chips and guacamole -- that have been a big component of its extended effort to woo diners back.

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