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We talked for a while Monday morning, and here’s what I can tell you.

The big news is that it doesn’t look like anything will change soon with how Xfinity delivers Extra Time.

I spent much of my time at NBC Sports’ Stamford, Conn., headquarters on Saturday in the company of Jon Miller, the network’s president of sports programming.

We have gotten to know each other fairly well since NBC Sports signed its MLS broadcast deal in 2011.

But there were a few issues with how pay-TV providers delivered Extra Time.

Although NBC made all of the feeds available in high defintion, some providers – most notably Cablevision and RCN – scaled them down to standard-definition quality.

There is separate management, separate protocols, you name it.

Whereas every other pay-TV provider distributed Extra Time as traditional TV channels, the nation’s largest cable provider took a totally different path.

Philadelphia-based Comcast chose to distribute the game feeds through its Xfinity On Demand platform.

In fact, NBC Sports makes sure to treat Comcast the same way it does every other pay-TV provider so that it doesn’t get accused of playing favorites.

Of course, they’re all in the same company at the end of the day. Indeed, Comcast money fueled NBC’s three-year, 0 million rights deal with the Premier League.

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In fact, I would say that because everyone here is so concerned about [interference], we bend even a little bit further just to make sure that there's no question about it.

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