Dating a touring musician

I do get a giddy feeling of excitement when the support act first turns up at sound check.Is the drummer as attractive as his Google images portrayed? But inevitably he has a pretty girlfriend, whom you will meet when you play a show in their hometown.You could attempt sex in a tour-bus bunk, but I once tried to undress a man in that coffin-sized bedroom, and it was just awful.

In that scenario, I'm up on a pedestal; there's no room for me to impress them. They don't like me for my witty quips and knowledge of books; they like me for being in a band. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. Neko Case recently claimed via Twitter that "Ladies in bands don't get ANY action," and as a female musician with a frustrated libido, I can sympathize.I hid in the bus, didn't answer his calls, and told my bandmates to tell him I was ill when he knocked on the door. Another option for tour sex is the support band, a seemingly logical alternative to the groupie.And as a straight woman you have a plethora of choices, since, like it or not, there are still more men in touring bands than women.

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