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There is surprisingly a lot of debate on the Net about whether this video is "real" or "fake." That ambiguity and ensuing debate has certainly fueled the video's popularity.The video originated from a homemade TV "pilot" shot in 1995 by Selected Hilarity Comedy Group, which consisted of four friends and me from the University of North 35 GB per day 27 GB per day.

Each week would be from a different town on the road, and the show would combine "reality" style segments on the street, clips from the live performances, and pre-taped sketches.

It was always my intention to eventually do something with the video. This Spring I finally started converting all of my VHS tapes to DVD.

I couldn't find an original copy of the pilot, so what you see on the Net is a 12-year-old bad copy of a VHS tape from my attic transferred to DVD to AVI to MPG to FLV.

Other than that, I'm not sure if anyone ever saw any of these sketches.

We went our separate ways less than two years later and the pilot has remained in my attic ever since.

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