Dating on second life

I think everyone got a bit rowdy by the end of the show.

They were all shouting my name and calling me SL Jerry Springer.

The next step was start filling out your profile by selecting a user name for the site and you can’t use your SL name as an identifier which makes sense, or people could just browse and IM you in world so you have to create a name from a list of word choices.

Then came the hard part, filling out the rest of my profile.

When two people get behind a computer screen, they can be anything they want to be.''With web dating, people are sending emails back and forth, interacting in an asynchronous way,' he told Mashable.

'You don't get a feel for who the person is, you get a feel for who the person wants you to believe they are.

Being the friends they are, I suddenly had the money. This is getting long now, if you want to read about how the date went, the rest is behind the spoiler…Most express an interest, even a requirement, of both voice and pictures.Feeling a bit stalled as to my next step I went to join the Happy Clams to dance, and of course to tell them what I’d done.As I searched through my matches, and then profiles that weren’t even in my time zone, it became immediately obvious that I might be in the wrong place.Many of the people on the site are looking for an exclusive and serious SL relationship, some are even very straight forward about hoping it would transfer to RL.

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