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This has led to bans on their music and performances in certain countries; particularly in Haifa's case.

Lydia Canaan's provocative costumes made her a sex symbol.

Traditionally a certain producer creates the full song from music to lyrics no matter the talents of the performer.

Most music is recorded in studios as is Western Pop music.

So is overt mention of politics, reflecting the limited democratic traditions in the region, but international conflicts such as the Gulf War often inspire songs such as "Saddam Saddam", a 1991 hit in spiritual support of Saddam Hussein.

In some countries where certain types of music is banned by Islamic law, such as Iran, bootleg tape is most common.It is then up to a record label to see them on such a program and sign them.Several other artists have also rose to fame via other forms of exposure—either having a famous parent musician (such as Asalah) or having been famous in some other area (such as 'Miss Lebanon' Haifa Wehbe).Arabic pop music or Arab pop is a subgenre of Pop music and Arabic music.Arabic pop is mainly produced and originated in Cairo, Egypt; with Beirut as a secondary center.

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