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We chose sex because there are so many directions you can take,” said Laura Spires, who co-directed with Jim Azelvandre.

“We go from the absurd to the farcical, gender politics, romantic comedy and break-ups, from the start of relationships to their end,” Spires said.

Brandon and Stephanie Matias have been married for four years.

It seems much of their success can be attributed to their ability to “laugh through the hard times.” According to Desert News the couple came up with the idea to film a skit centered on “real-life situations that happen in most marriages.” It was their belief that others could relate.

“The sketch is absurd and silly, but rooted in the real experiences many of us had as students in middle school and high school.” Shane Stefanchik, who appears in sketch comedy roles with It’s All Been Done Players, is making his Mad Lab acting debut in “Sketchy Sex.” “I’ve always been a big fan of sketch comedy,” said Stefanchik, 29. “She’s getting ready to breast-feed, but passers-by keep making comments to her about how inappropriate it is.

My character reacts to them and gets angry,” he said.

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centered around sex and all the funny stuff of relationships and dating,” said Spires, also a writer and actor in the show.

Also on the 13-member writing team: Lance Atkinson, Amanda Bauer, Colleen Dunne, Becky Horseman, Kyle Jepson, Shana Kramer, Anna Leeper, Cat Mc Alpine, Greg Mc Gill, Brendan Michna, Andy Woodmansee and Stephen Woosley.

“It was almost like an improv challenge,” Bauer said.

“We started by randomly picking subjects and sexual situations, props and locations from slips we put in the hat.” Drawing on her own experiences, Spires wrote “Was That a Date?

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“It’s a quick piece about what is acceptable social behavior today.” “Nine Months,” a sketch co-written by Bauer, explores an absurdist premise: A woman who had a one-night stand nine months ago with a man tries to convince him that they got her couch pregnant.

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