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Technology does not guarantee productivity; but coupled with changes in pedagogy, economies of scale, and a paradigm shift to individualized, self-paced mastery learning, technology can make greater learning productivity possible (Johnstone D. Consequently, we have been exploring the use of the Web as Universal Interface, together with course/classroom management software solutions, as a means to enhance and extend the traditional classroom setting with possible later extension into the distance learning environment.An important element of any virtual classroom (different time and different place) is asynchronous (inter)activity or activity done at the students' own time, place, and pace.Just as important for any distance (same time but different place), or virtual classroom will be synchronous (inter)activity in which students and instructors interact through live voice and video while working together with a synchronous collaborative software package such as LLinc I-Net or Symposium.The use of synchronous with asynchronous activities will be determined by the available technology, cost, and maintenance and will be adjusted to suit each course, instructor, and audience.

The more of the course that is conducted asynchronously, the more flexible and available the course is to the student, even from the kitchen table with relatively low cost and low-end computer (e.g., IBM-compatible Windows 486 or Quadra 660AV with 8 Megs of RAM and a 28.8 modem connection).

Studies of the influence of media on learning have been a fixed feature of educational research since 1912.

These studies clearly suggest that media do not influence learning under any conditions.

The convergence of technology, telephony, computing, and traditional educational pedagogy enables us to discuss, plan, create and implement fundamentally unique strategies for providing access to people and information through discovery.

In the industrial age we went to schools; today, schools come to us (Graziadei & Mc Combs, 1996; Graziadei, 1996).

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