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I m e a n , a s s o m e o n e s a i d t o m e r e c e n t l y , " W h y s h o p i f y o u ' r e n o t g o n n a b u y ? W h y d a t e i f y o u c a n ' t m a r r y y e t ? I t l o o k s a g o n i z i n g a n d p a i n f u l . T h e i d e a s i n t h e s e p a g e s a r e r e a l l y q u i t e r e v o l u t i o n a r y . " I ' l l j u s t s k i p t h e s e f i r s t f e w p a g e s a n d g e t t o t h e r e a l s t u f f . A c t u a l l y , t h a t ' s e x a c t l y w h a t t h i s b o o k i s a b o u t - - w a i t i n g a n d p r e p a r a t i o n .It also The I Kissed Dating Goodbye Study Guide, based on Joshua Harris's phenomenal bestseller, with over 300,000 copies sold, provides youth with a new resource for living a lifestyle of sincere love, true purity, and purposeful singleness.It also includes healthy challenges to today's cultural assumptions about relationships and provides solid, biblical alternatives to society's norms. I think this book is a good choice for someone who wants to enjoy his/her singleness in God, and not worrying about it while we keep serving God as Christians. I have learned a great deal from the book thus far about the importance of finding contentment in singleness and purpose in Christ. Made me really see what the Lord talks about love in the scriptures is the same as dating and loving. Society doesn't see that they are the same, Love is something God gives us and if we don't accept that love, how can we love others. C., in Gaithersburg, Maryland, where he's a pastor at Covenant Life Church.

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