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So then you can make a C chord by barring across the 5th fret, and a D chord by barring across the 7th fret.5-String Banjos - Note that on a 5-string banjo, the 5th string is usually tuned to G, so it won’t fit all chords (check if they have a G in them).

It’s fine for C and G, but for the D chord you need to either make your bar across all 5 strings (to make the 5th string into an A) or not play the 5th string.

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To begin, you can just strum all the strings without using your left hand at all – the banjo is usually strung to a G chord!

Use a tuner to check that the strings are tuned to the notes in the G diagram below. hold down all the strings with one finger right across the fingerboard just behind the fret*) you can make your chord higher, fret by fret (so the first fret would be Ab chord, then A, Db, B…).

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Make sure your thumb is in a good position behind the neck to get the best pressure against your bar.

Most of the chords here won’t require you to move up that far on the fingerboard (as it can be challenging to count up the frets to start with as well as making the chords - although you notice there are useful dots on the fingerboard at the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10thetc.

Here are some simple songs and chords to encourage you to have a go (these are based on common 'open G' tuning for a 5-string banjo).

My background is in guitar, and though I have picked up the banjo several times over the years I have never applied myself to learning the right-hand techniques or more advanced chords and notes, so I have no expertise to share in playing the banjo - just some fun, easy-to-play songs.

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Make sure your banjo is in tune; there are various electronic tuners you can buy and there are apps and sites with tuners -some that use the microphone on your smartphone, tablet or computer. You can check the tuning of the strings against each other: if your 4th (low D) string is in tune, press down on the 5th fret and it will play a G, which is the same note as the open 3rd string; the 3rd fret on the 3rd string should sound the same as the open 2nd string, and so on....

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