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Rightfully, it’ll be Tad, to whom Jesse has appeared in spirit form, who reunites them," she stated.When addressing his character's "return from the dead", Williams explained: "I’m the same character, but it’s a whole new experience.After The City was cancelled, Williams would return to All My Children four years later as "Jesse", but as an angel.

In 1995, Williams joined the cast as a mysterious stranger named Jacob Johnson.

Jesse and Angela "Angie" Hubbard are fictional characters and a supercouple from the ABC and The Online Network daytime drama All My Children.

Jesse is portrayed by Darnell Williams and Angie is portrayed by Debbi Morgan.

Angie first appeared in 1982, as the daughter of a well-to-do Pine Valley couple.

Shortly after Angie's first appearance on the show, they were paired with one another.

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Morgan's feeling that Jesse might need a love interest, as she expressed as much to her agent in New York, matched that of the show's producers, who were searching for a young woman to fill the role of Angie Baxter.

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