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The construction and real estate sectors are likely to continue to be hampered by a decline in public investment, while private investment will be constrained by the maintenance of high interest rates (16% in October 2016).

Inflation, which exceeded 39% in September 2016, looks set to remain high in 2017, continuing to affect household consumption.

The public debt, about 60% of which is denominated in foreign currencies, has more than doubled since 2013 and is likely to continue to grow in 2017.

As Angola renounced a loan of USD 4bn in June 2016, money it had previously requested from the IMF, financing conditions (especially Chinese) will be less concessional than those of that international institution, which is likely to lead to a further increase in the debt repayment burden.

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Uncertainties over the State's ability to meet its financial obligations threaten to worry investors.

With hydrocarbons representing over 95% of export income, the absence of another fall in the oil price together with increased production should help improve the current account balance in 2017, especially as weak domestic demand is likely to dampen imports.

All dating services including chat & messaging are totally free of charge.Register a free account today and try it out for yourself!The oil sector, which accounts for almost 40% of GDP, is expected to continue as the main driver of Angolan growth in 2017.Downward pressure on the exchange rate, which fell almost 20% against the dollar between January and end October 2016, could last and push the government to devalue the kwanza once again.The lack of foreign-currency liquidity and the economic slowdown is expected to continue to weigh on the banking system, itself highly dependent on the oil sector.

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Inflationary tensions, pushed upwards by higher fuel prices, import restrictions on numerous products (mainly food) and the consequences of the depreciation of the kwanza, will endure.

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