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A source close to the Latifah tells Rumor Fix that the rumor is just that -- a rumor! The site went on to claim, “Multiple sources CONFIRMED to us that Latifah is now dating actress Paula Patton – Robin Thicke’s ex-wife. but it’s going down.” A rep for Patton also released a statement, saying, “Media Take Out is as reliable as a dead battery. They are friends who produced a movie together and have been doing press appearances to support it.” On another note, check out the duo's new flick, The Perfect Match, which hits theaters on Friday!"I just know it when I feel it." Thicke certainly has moved on in his love life.In December, the 38-year-old singer and his 20-something girlfriend, April Love Geary, heated up Saint Barthélemy, France with their public displays of affection.

Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this claim, which began in one of the tabloids this week."It is a beautiful thing to find your partner in crime. "If you have met your perfect match and it was working, stay with it. Hold onto that because it is special." Despite her split from Thicke, Patton is keeping the faith. No matter what happens, love hurts." That being said, Patton does have some new deal breakers of her own, and a big one is pouting."I am a nurturing and very passionate person," she said. "It is when people check out, turn off their hearts and become cold," she explained.She said, “He teaches me something new every day.” Has she found someone special since her divorce from Thicke?She responded, “No, not at the moment.” “Somewhere Between” premieres tonight!

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