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Lotus Notes can be accessed through OLE, for example like this: You can access all objects that are accessible to Lotus Script, and the Lotus Script classes can be seen at

A good idea would also be to read Jan Dubois article in TPJ#10 (visit The Perl Journal at The active printer can be set and retrieved through the word application object with The best way to learn about methods/properties would be through an OLE type browser if the documentation is unavailable.

is reported here for didactically purposes only although it is very fast: it doesn't support files and this is not acceptable nowadays. It is cross platform and uses r Java to deal with Java.

Furthermore, it uses proprietary third party code and it should be downloaded from Git Hub, CRAN cannot host it. Comments and examples below are taken from a stackoverflow answer.

Some changes I plan introduce named arguments and use switches when call VBS probably, switch for detailed log / short log / no log Probably, integration with SAP BO Analysis automation Run macro before / after – as switches Short listing of ideas below.

‘ /type: ‘ R-eport or T-ransfer ‘ Report: This Workbook. ‘ ‘ /scopes: ‘ each value will be entered into named range SCOPE.

Old scripts should run with little or no modifications.Refresh All will be used and then entire file will be saved as separate file ‘ Transfer: expected sheet Result, which will be saved as a new workbook ‘ PQ query with load to sheet Result (limited by rows on sheet) ‘ ‘ /file_path: ‘ ‘ Optional switches ‘ /t_result_folder_path: ‘ If omitted: script uses default path ‘ ‘ /add_datetime ‘ script will add datetime to resulting file name. File will be refreshed for that Scope ‘ * use quotes for arguments that contain spaces ‘ if argument is omitted file will be refreshed ‘ for T – using default Scope (do not requre SCOPE named range in workbook) ‘ for R – list of scopes will be collected from Scopes table ‘ ‘ /r_result_path: ‘ if argument is omitted file will be saved in the same folder as initial workbook ‘ For T – extension of resulting file is always xlsx ‘ For R – xlsx or xlsm (xlsb - xlsm) (as some applications cannot consume xlsb) ‘ ‘ /debug_mode ‘ Excel application will be visible and Screen Updating turned On ‘ always Display Alerts = False ‘ ‘ /error_email_to: ‘ recipients of emails on errors ‘ ‘ /success_email_to: ‘ ‘ /log_enabled ‘ script will write log if argument provided ‘ ‘ /log_filepath: ‘ If omitted default path will be used.Active Perl-faq12 - Using OLE with Perl How to use OLE automation with Perl - through the Win32:: OLE module Yes - otherwise this FAQ wouldn't have been a separate FAQ.A complete example is here: use strict; use Win32:: OLE qw(in with); use Win32:: OLE:: Const; use Win32:: OLE:: Const 'Microsoft Excel'; $Win32:: OLE:: Warn = 3; # die on $filename = 'c:\documents\test.xls'; my $filter = 'GIF'; # can be GIF, JPG, JPEG or PNG my $count = 0; my $Excel = Win32:: OLE- To get further than this you should have a look at the ADO FAQ at Jan Dubois article in TPJ#10 (visit The Perl Journal at

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