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The study was small, but the results were very interesting.Subjects on low-sodium diets (around 500 milligrams a day) woke up during the night almost twice as often and got about 10 percent less sleep than those on a normal diet (2,000 milligrams of sodium a day). Vitiello, the director of the Sleep and Aging Research Program at the University of Washington in Seattle, keenly points out, “low levels of sodium in the blood cause blood volume to decrease, and the sympathetic nervous system becomes more active in order to compensate.() With a history dating back to Earth’s creation, Himalayan salt is believed to be composed of dried remnants of the original, primal sea.Himalayan crystal salt comes from salt mines 5,000 feet deep below the Himalayan Mountain Range.Since pink Himalayan salt contains sodium as well as other electrolytes, it has a direct effect on the p H of your blood. He says that “daily use of sole is believed to stimulate the peristalsis of the digestive organs, balance the stomach acid, support the production of digestive fluids in the liver and pancreas, regulate the metabolism and harmonize the acid-alkaline balance.” () 4.Air Purifier When pink Himalayan salt is used to create a lamp, it just may provide your home or office with cleaner air.

The water vapor evaporates due the lamp’s heat, but the dust and allergens remain in the salt instead of getting into your body. Better Sleep Inducer Himalayan sea salt is said to help encourage better, more restful sleep due to its high mineral content.This region has one of the richest salt fields in the entire world, and they are very, very old.I’m talking Precambrian Age or over 4 billion years ago when planet Earth first formed!The salt from these mines has experienced tremendous pressure over millions of years and is said to be over 99 percent pure.() Pink Himalayan salt’s color as well as its color variations are indicative of its mineral content.

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