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Open Beta ended with the official release of the game on November 3, 2006, entitled Epic 3 (the previous being Epic 1 and Epic 2: The Epic of the Absolute Creature).There are currently four servers in service namely, "Tyrant", "Baphomet", "Undine" and "Unicorn" (PVE)." Recently five servers were merged into two, "Fenrir" and "Bahamut" were merged into "Baphomet"; "Naga", "Tortus" and "Pantera" became "Undine"; and "Tyrant" was opened up as a brand new server.

Unser Server läuft auf einem Selfmade Epic 9.4 und ist mit einem ausgezeichneten Support, sowie mit einen garantierten 99% Online-Status ausgestattet. Neue Items (Rüstungen, Dekorationen, Drop Karten) Ausgezeichnete Serverstabilität!

They were the Deva who represented the Light, and the Asura who represented the Darkness.

With this, there was a period of peace and stability in the world.

Gathered Lak can be consumed if the player dies, preventing him from losing experience points, or can be traded at any Lak Trader for either chips or in-game currency, rupees. These chips are items that characters can use to significantly affect a battle by increasing the amount of damage the target takes for a limited amount of time.

They come in different ranks which allow different levels of users to use chips.

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T Epic 6 set's you on a quest to discover who is behind the resurrection of the witch, the introduction of the previous Hero Hector, and finally the assassination of the witch.

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