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Also we teach tennis in lot of compounds at all levels so we really understand what goes on inside and outside as we have local and expat professional freelance coaches. It is uncertain if I will be in a compound or not but even so, this sounded like a very active group of ladies and not all very young. anyway any female looking for fun can write to me on [email protected] i'm looking for a mate here ... mmmh you can check my facebook or contact my number 0559994033 for a coffe or anything hope we can be friends Post a Reply Thank you for your comment.

I would suggest something maybe you would like it . Please send me an e mail and hope to help you , I am a language Instructor for non-speakers,please drop me a line : [email protected] a Reply hi my name is Ahmad i ve been living in Riyadh since 12 yearsi work in American company i am from Syriai have lots of friends and u can enjoy lots of activitymy mobile is 0550858188waiting for ur call Post a Reply Hey Jane, yeah I'm in the same boat, just arrived, not in a compound, looking for ways to meet people and things to do.

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I was assaulted in one of the large souqs while shopping with a friend - so can tell you from first hand experience that you need to take care Post a Reply Hi Sweetjane, I just now came across your post. u can email me or add me on msn succulentrider1 @ hotmail.comhope to hear from you soonbye Ayman Post a Reply Hello, I have only been here for 10 days and am looking for a fun partner to explore the Riyadh and possibly the surrounding countries.

I'm local and I know some people here (women) who you might be interested in talking to. I’m single, 40 yrs old and love to laugh, explore and learn. Andy Post a Reply Hi there, I'll be in Riadh soon, I got a job there .

Make new friends in Saudi Arabia and start dating them.Im stefon and will be working in your area hopefully fulltime in October. we shld get in touch Post a Reply Are you tired of calling up random removal companies to quote for your international move? Expat Exchange's partner, Experts in Moving, offers you a simple and hassle free solution to plan your move. Why dont we get together for a shopping trip...i hear malls here open for long hours in the upcoming ramazn season. I am just woundering from your experience is it really hard to meet new people if you are not in a compound and also is it very hard to get into these compounds just to socialize. i also spend 2 weeks a month in riyadh and i do understand you on msn: [email protected] skype: ronalddawe will chat if you ike toronald Post a Reply I am puzzled ...Im coming out to work for Alsalam aircraft as far as im aware ill be in a compound and would like to chat and maybe when im over in October we can e-mail and meet up. Well i hope to hear from you soon and if i do come in October i would be up for exploring with you! You'll get up to 5 FREE quotes from trusted international movers. someone told me that for a woman you can't go to Saudi Arabia unless you are married.... Can you please explain to me how did you get a visa as a single girl? You can only enter the country as a single female if you have a sponsor.The boss is a very good tour guide, they are now waiting for it to get cooler as it was extremely hot for them when they started exploring. I was just hoping if I can get some info about the social life in Riadh, how people meet, what do they do for fun,do men and women hang out together, how is life in the compound, is it better than outside?If you are interested, I can certainly provide you with the number to that group. Post a Reply Hi, If i find some one else with this problem and if interested for frndship i definitely ask him to join us. Thank you so much for your answers and I look forward to hearing back from you.

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