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So why did their marriage end when clearly they still adore each other?‘Well, we were really young at the time,’ says Alana, ‘and the mistakes we made and the issues we had back then don’t seem so important when you get older. If we knew then what we know now, we’d probably still be together.’It does seem a shame, particularly given that George had to fight off the Queen’s first cousin once removed, photographer Lord Patrick Lichfield, to marry her in the first place.‘Every day I had to take bullwhip lessons and Ash insisted on going with me.So when I had no one else to practise with, I’d get him to hold a cigarette so I could take it out of his hand with the bullwhip.’ Alana shakes her head. ‘I’d have taken away joint custody.’George admits that with GT he’s been given a second chance, as ‘I wasn’t around for Ashley’ and indeed one of the surprise moments in the show is when George suddenly starts to cry when he talks to Ashley about his drug problems and the ‘four times that we almost lost you in your life’.‘They’re apparently the deadliest snakes in the world, so I started screaming and George ran off to our room.I was still screaming ten minutes later when George finally emerged, dressed in a hunter’s outfit. This, pretty much, is how the rest of the conversation goes – the sparring, back-and-forth intimacy of a couple seemingly married for decades, with the surprise being that they’ve been divorced for almost 40 years. Remember when Onassis invited us to Greece and you had that dog...’ and off they go again.Ashley, who appeared in the blockbuster movie Iron Man 3, has battled drug and drink addictions and food disorders for years.His heart stopped during brain surgery after a motorbike crash left him in a coma and again after a heroin overdose.

‘Elvis’s manager Colonel Tom Parker and I were best friends,’ says George, ‘and he said, “This woman’s much smarter than you – you’d better marry her.”’ He offered the couple the use of Elvis’s private plane, ‘and he said that he could get us to Las Vegas by 6 o’clock, arrange a Justice of the Peace to marry us, and a cake, we could play a little roulette and then Parker could be back in California in time for the 10 o’clock news.

Anyway, Alana’s dog was the matron of honour, we got a drunk JP, lost ,000 on the roulette and by the time we got back I was catatonic.’The couple were married for four years and had their son Ashley, now 40, not to mention plenty of laughs. ‘You couldn’t help but love him.’The couple did divorce however in 1976 and the following year Alana met Rod Stewart.

Alana tells another anecdote about George’s attempt to rescue a large self-portrait which had gone flying off the roof of their car and onto the California freeway. Rod in fact makes an appearance in the pilot episode of their new show and it’s rather sweet seeing him and George getting along so famously, especially given that as well as both marrying Alana, they both also dated Britt Ekland and model Liz Treadwell.

) and as GT succinctly explains, ‘Our age difference is... But even though he can’t play football or baseball with me any more, what he lacks in that way he makes up for with wisdom.’Not that George ever played football with Ashley either.

‘I remember when I was preparing for Zorro,’ he says.

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